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    Ganzhou Gold Power Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd

    Contact person:

    1. Trista Liu

    Mail: sales@jxgzjd.com

    Tel/Fax: (+86)0797-5305275

    Phone: +86 15179778601

    2. Emma Liu

    Mail: Market@jxgzjd.com

    Tel/Fax: (+86)0797-5305275

    Phone:  +86 18070484336

    Add:No.79, Fenghuang Road, Xingguo County, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province, China.

Remote Service

    Service type: 
    一、Warranty period Provide free maintenance
    二、Provide charge for repairs after the warranty period
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Project of Kuancheng 2016-03-20

The project of Kuancheng have 43 places with saving, monitor and management system togethet. Meanwhile, we made 10 sets of cable theft alarm system for them to protect cables.  . . .     MORE

Project of Xingguo 2016-03-20

Our company located in Xingguo county, we contract most of the street light modifying of Xingguo. The above are the streets lights with out system on it for your reference.   . . .     MORE